Soooo…How Do I Love Myself?

When the media is constantly throwing these “perfect bodies” in our faces, its hard to see our true inner beauty. So you may ask, “How do I learn to love myself?”

Well you can start off by realizing how corrupt these magazines are! By sexualizing women on their front pages, Seventeen is manipulating teenage girls into thinking their not “normal.” What really is “normal” then? Well, according to Seventeen, “normal” refers to the outside beauty and bodies of these celebrities. Ever heard of inner beauty…??? Once upon a time, before the 1970s, traditional “feminism” referred to a woman’s inner beauty. But because all magazines care about is their precious money and businesses, they advertise women as objects rather than people. This TOTALLY transforms the purity and innocence of feminism. Seventeen puts headlines that only describe a woman’s physical traits rather than her inner ones, which makes girls only “feel good” when they “look good.” So yeah Seventeen it’s pretty hard to love ourselves when you’re telling us we aren’t good enough. f97e44a7-b342-457a-8424-8a5a4bc63fb3_560_420.jpg

So throw away those toxic magazines. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m amazing and beautiful. There’s no one like me.” Say it a million times if you have to (I mean Seventeen only advertises a million girls…it’s only fair) everyday if that’s what it takes. Convince YOURSELF that YOU ARE ENOUGH no matter what anyone says. Notice and recognize your indivudality and embrace that you’re not Nina Debrov, Beyonce, or anyone else… YOU’RE YOU which is perfectly okay. Discover who you really are even if it takes you your whole life. No one said this was going to be easy. It’s an ongoing process that will become easier and easier everyday.

Nelson, Jennifer. Airbrushed Nation: The Lure & Loathing Of Women’s Magazine

Sources: tumblr


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