This song fits perfectly for my blog. Other than Christina Aguilera’s breathtaking voice, this song is amazing because of the meaning behind it. The words “I am beautiful no matter what they say. And words can’t bring me down,” is just so motivational. It shows that no matter what, she sees her inner beauty despite what everyone and everything around her might be saying.

Demi Lovato is such an advocate for young girls around the world. After struggling with an eating disorder,herself, that stem from insecurity, she encourages girls to go against society and be confident for who they really are; this song explains exactly that.

b253a7214cd105e001337816c2e84d24.jpgSource: Pintrest



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Marilyn-Monroe-Sexy-Quotes67.jpgSource: Quote Coyote imagesBody-Quotes-41.jpg

Source: Keep Calm-o-Matic                                   Source: Pintrest


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