Seventeen Magazine: Get Your Best Bikini Body

This is the post excerpt.


Back in July 2011, Seventeen Magazine released a cover featuring Vampire Diaries Star, Nina Dobrev. Could she be showing off her body anymore!?! I’m all for self-love and confidence (I mean this is what this blog is all about, duh) , but COME ON SEVENTEEN! Millions and millions of girls (65% to be exact) show eating disorder habits like skipping meals, counting calories, and eliminating carbs. Does that sound healthy to you?! Does putting a tremendously “skinny” girl on the cover of your FRONT PAGE seem like a good idea to you? NOOOOOOO. Girls are already stressed, depressed, and all those fun feelings because of magazine companies like you, Seventeen! Stop trying to encourage your readers (whom are mostly teenage girls) that they aren’t good enough as they are now. How would you feel if someone came up to you and said, “Hey! Any self confidence you have, get rid of it. If you do A, B, and C (which are all unhealthy by the way but still do it), you can have a Cute Butt, Flat Abs, and Killer Legs in just 2 weeks!”images.jpeg

Sadly, as we all know, teenage girls will believe ANYTHING they hear, especially when its coming from a FANTASTIC, AMAZING, AND TRUSTWORTHY magazine company like Seventeen. So girls, DON’T BELIEVE WHAT ANY MAGAZINE IS TELLING YOU TO FIX!!!!!!! Yeah I know it’s corny but, You are Beautiful Just the Way you are.


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Source: TVOM

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