“Body Peace Treaty”…What’s That?!?!??!

As you can clearly see in my last post, Seventeen magazine doesn’t send out a healthy body image. So as a response to this totally INSANE AND UNREAL “GOAL,” 14 year old Julia Bluhhm reacted setting up an online petition called, “The Body Peace Treaty,” back in 2012. From the way Seventeen handled it, you’d think they’d take it sooooooo seriously. They promised a million things (which they didn’t do by the way) like eliminating the use of photoshop and promising to “celebrate every kind of beauty!!!!” YAYY !

Well, not Yay.

In July 2014, just two years later, the magazine features “Pretty Little Liar” star, Troian Bellisario who talks about her own struggle with an eating disorder. She opens up to young girls about how unrealistic images displayed right in front of her face, caused her to believe that she HAD to be like them…that she wasn’t enough. I mean its pretty hard not to feel like crap when you have these “PERFECT” celebrities showing over their “FLAT TUMMIES!!!!” Anyway, completely disregarding Troian’s emotional story, Seventeen has the nerve to put the headline “GET AN INSANE BODY,” on the SAME. EXACT. MAGAZINE. Hey, just when you thought that was bad…did you forget about the infamous “Body Peace Treaty?” No! Of course not because they made it such a big deal (just to promote themselves of course) just to go against it anyway. 

05-seventeen-body-peace.w750.h560.2x.jpgSeriously, Seventeen??!? #DoBetter 

Sources: Beauty Redefined 

“Seventeen Magazine Has Agreed To A ‘Body Peace Treaty’ In Response to 14-Year-Old Activist Julia Bluhm’s Online Petition.”




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